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Buying a home in one of the most competitive Real Estate markets in the world is not easy, but it is a challenge that we embrace with unbridled enthusiasm. 

Our approach when working with buyers is strategic, focused and tenacious. We listen closely to our clients needs and then we get to work to tailor an experience that delivers on their expectations. This often entails tapping into our extensive networking channels and being responsive 24/7. In addition, we place enormous value on providing honest, unbiased, guidance throughout the process. Once we identify the right property, we are adept at presenting winning strategies that are geared to create maximum value for our clients. And the process doesn’t stop there – our inspection and home improvement resources are second to none, providing peace of mind long after the close.

Creative & Strategic

Our goal, with each and every marketing opportunity, is to make an impact. We think, and act, creatively to achieve that and our process explores avenues that others do not. Ultimately, our aim is to outperform your expectations and separate from the competition.

Before we even step foot in your home we are searching for clues that may provide a pathway to differentiation. What characteristics can we leverage to create an emotional connection with prospective buyers? We also thrive at turning negatives into positives and removing obstacles that can negatively impact performance. Once we have paved the way, we think outside of the box to deliver the storyline, to the widest possible audience.

Whether we are reaching out to an artist in Brooklyn to create a map or hanging a sign from a shipwreck, we never settle for the status quo.

Cool Case Studies


18 Avenida Farralone, Stinson Beach

This property had been on the market for about a year before ECH took over the listing. A real head scratcher considering the dramatic setting, and beautiful upgrades, all overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We decided to overhaul the presentation by implementing earthy, warm, design elements and let the spirit of the home do the rest. After all, Jerry Garcia only lived one place from 1971-1978, and it was here. The house sold in one day – well over the asking price.
Jerry door



5953 Shoreline Highway, Dogtown

Where and what is Dogtown you ask?? It’s a tiny enclave for trailblazers and independent thinkers in West Marin. So, in an effort to convey the history and spirit of the property we had a talented artist in Brooklyn draw us a map! We provided hour-long tours of the site, highlighting relics and anecdotal stories. Ultimately, the property was purchased by someone who was deeply inspired by history.



116 Olema Bolinas Road, Bolinas

Hey, this sign is cool, right? Let’s hang it on the barn and name the property “Pomona”! Alas, it turns out that the sign was from a turn of the century shipwreck and had been stolen from the Fort Ross Museum in 1970. Needless to say, it was repossessed by authorities but we like to think it put our marketing prowess on display.



431 Throckmorton Avenue, Mill Valley

Push it real good! The fundamentals were so strong at this hip, well located, gem that it would have been easy for the sellers to pass on making a few last-minute upgrades. But instead, they chose to push the envelope a little further and maximize the impact their presence would have on prospective buyers. We turned slight negatives into grand positives and a $40k investment into $250k of overbidding.



260 Mesa Road, Pt Reyes Station

Coastal properties are in high demand and in low supply. The performance at 260 Mesa Rd, Pt Reyes Station seemed to drive home this fact. It took 21 days from the time our listing agreement was signed to the close of escrow. 7 days of prep, 36 showings in 4 days, 4 offers and a closing price 22% above the list price.



31 Fowler Court, San Rafael

The first steps in this success story were taken by sellers who invested smart money in the guts of the house – installing AC and putting on a new roof. We then took a very simple pallet and styled it to perfection. But the key to generating 60 showings in 5 days and achieving a sale price 22% above the list was our aggressive pricing strategy at the lower end of the value range.



137 Sunnyside Avenue, San Anselmo

Sometimes a property can be perceived as something it is not. In this case, 137 Sunnyside had sold a year earlier after a long effort which started with overpricing and ended up with our clients purchasing it at a very attractive price. Our focus in marketing this home centered around presenting the home with fresh eyes to the marketplace. We hired an architectural photographer and rented art from SFOMA to enhance the presentation. The property sold after 2 days on the market above asking price.

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Jon's ethos is firmly grounded in hard work, creative thinking, and authenticity. he deeply values the trust bestowed on him by his clients and stops at nothing to provide stellar service and outstanding results.

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