ECH Partner – A Discussion With Lauren Geremia

A Discussion With Design Partner, Lauren Geremia:

Lauren Geremia is the founder and principal of Geremia Design, a San Francisco-based studio that creates signature spaces through custom interiors and art curation. Acclaimed by Forbes Magazine’s “30 under 30” and Architectural Digest’s “Ones to Watch,” Lauren draws on her fine arts background to develop a narrative that provides depth to every project. She is inspired by unexpected architecture and clients who seek creative collaboration.

​​​​​​​Initially characterized as an “upstart designer for tech,” Lauren’s early clients include Instagram and Dropbox. Her portfolio includes a wide range of commercial, residential and hospitality spaces. Lauren is a hands-on designer who leads her team from ideation to completion while cultivating long-term relationships with artists, galleries and vendors to source unique pieces tailored to each project. The result is a functional space with a cohesive vision that supports rituals and aspirations. 

Q&a With Lauren: 

You have done different types of work in the Bay Area. Do you prefer working with commercial or residential clients?

I started off by myself designing bars, restaurants and commercial spaces in San Francisco. The interiors appealed to people working in tech, and through word of mouth and happy hour connections, I was hired to design several offices for tech firms. After building a business primarily focused on office design, we expanded our market by designing homes for the same clients. As our company grew, our clientele became more diverse and established. We have continued to build a portfolio based on good design and amazing homes.

Where is your company headed now? What is your ideal project?

Now, we seek to design properties that we feel emotionally attached to. Our team thrives in the face of design challenges, especially those presented by different architectural styles and locations. Our design process remains largely the same, even as we redefine our client base. We are excited to work with people who are willing to get creative, who share our values, and who are invested in the architecture and history of their homes. 

What are some interesting projects or locations you have worked on recently?

We have done work in the San Juan Islands, Cincinnati and New York. The change of scenery is always refreshing, but our recent work on AutoCamp Yosemite, which features Airstream campers, tents, cabins and a clubhouse was especially rewarding. Our experience with commercial and residential spaces made for an easy transition into the hospitality world — designing hotels is very exciting for us. 

We have connected before on the shared values that shape our brands and our affection for California. Can you talk a bit about how the California landscape informs your work?

It is nice to work with a lot of natural light, and in California that comes with the territory. It is such a privilege to work in places like Bolinas and Stinson — waterfront communities that aren’t commercialized or over-inhabited. Many of our clients embrace nature, and want a space where they can connect with family and do the things they love. We know how to support and design for that lifestyle.

What has been the most impactful change you have made to your living space since you started sheltering in place?

I have been painting a mural in my house and making smaller art to send to friends and family. It has been nice to reorganize rooms and drawers and to rearrange and style my space. My house feels more lived-in and my routine feels more efficient and thoughtful. I feel refocused on my design voice, my direction, and how to tackle whatever manifests next for design.

What are some interesting requests you are getting from clients?

We are seeing people move out of the city to homes that offer access to nature, seeking space and privacy and definition. We are seeing a need for multi-purpose spaces, as people are working, socializing and educating their children under one roof. People are using rooms that they never used before, building play structures, and cleaning garages to make space that they didn’t know they needed. Our clients are looking to make the most of their properties, and have more time to engage thoughtfully in planning their spaces, which is very exciting for us as designers. 

What are the positive ways to look towards the future of how we view our homes?

Looking forward, I believe that people will value safety, health and family more than ever, which will inspire them to create sanctuaries specific to their lifestyles. Homes will be expected to provide many of the things we once enjoyed in the outside world and to bring natural elements inside. A well-organized home office, functional gym, home classroom environments and separate areas for isolation that promote privacy and focus will be important spaces to consider. Our clients are looking to make the most of their properties, and seem to have more time to engage thoughtfully in planning their spaces, which is very exciting for us as designers. 

Lauren Geremia 

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