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We are super excited to announce that the ECH team is growing. Our goal is to build upon a strong, customer-centric, culture in which we are encouraged to think creatively, act authentically, and be the best service providers we can possibly be. We strive to support each other, inspire each other, and battle together. It is extremely gratifying to see the brand flourish but even more so to watch each us grow, with the help of one another.

Recently, we set out to capture team images that would reflect our core values and spirit and thought it would be fun to share the process with you! First and foremost, we had previously worked with Vivian Johnson Photography and knew she was just the talent we needed. Vivian is unique in style and her laid-back approach was just what the team needed to relax and enjoy the moment.

Next, we needed to find a location for the shoot. We pride ourselves on being creative in our approach to business and we took a similar path here. Instead of shooting in a home, or in front of our laptops, we wanted scenery with natural elements, color and warmth. After narrowing down some choices, I set out to scout the locations. I was thrilled with China Camp Village in China Camp State Park and what a find it was! We highly recommend that you check it out.

We are really pleased with results and will now use our photos in a wide array of media formats. We hope you enjoy this lighter look at Exceptionally Cool Homes.


SCOUT IT OUT – Scenes from China Camp Village in China Camp State Park.

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Our ethos is firmly grounded in hard work, creative thinking, and authenticity. We deeply value the trust bestowed on us by our clients and stop at nothing to provide stellar service and outstanding results.

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