Your Marin Calling

Over the last two months, we have been running an ad campaign with the catchphrase, Your Marin Calling. These words paired with an epic coastal scene successfully conjure up visions of what it is like to experience Marin, as a home base.

For many, the last year produced a new set of priorities when it comes to where you call home. Home has always been a place to retreat to, private and undisturbed by outside forces, but never had it become all-encompassing. A place to work, educate, exercise & relax. With the meaning of home expanding, Marin began to call out to the masses and the pull was undeniable.

We at ECH were here to answer the call, and continue to be dedicated to helping people follow their calling.

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Our ethos is firmly grounded in hard work, creative thinking, and authenticity. We deeply value the trust bestowed on us by our clients and stop at nothing to provide stellar service and outstanding results.

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